Starting Nursery

If you would like to arrange a visit, you and your child are most welcome. Please contact us on
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Settling your child into nursery

All children have different ways of coping with a new environment, new adults and play friends; we are sympathetic to individual needs. We want your child to feel safe and happy in your absence, therefore, you may find it easier to stay with your child until he / she feels comfortable with the new surroundings and us. Children cannot play and learn successfully if they are anxious or unhappy, please rest assured that you and your child will have our full support until he/she is settled.

If your child uses a comforter at home please do not stop them bringing it with them, when they are ready they can leave it at home.

If possible we would like you and your child to have prior visits to Scallywag’s. It is vital that introductions are handled sensitively therefore we have devised a settling in procedure.

Stage one:

The child and parent spend time in the nursery; The child is told the parent will not leave at any time. This also enables the parent to get to know the staff and the nursery routine.

Stage two:

As the child demonstrates that they are comfortable in the nursery the parent will leave the room for short periods of time. If the child becomes distressed or wants to check where the parent may be this is addressed straight away.

Stage three:

When the child is able to understand that he/she is safe and that the parent will return when they say they will and that they can be contacted should the need arise, the child is ready to be left at the nursery. 

These are only guidelines and the process can be agreed to suit the parents and child’s needs with the manager. The three settling in visits are free of charge.

How can I help my child settle at Nursery?

Very rarely will children enter Nursery for the first time, wave goodbye cheerfully and start playing. The environment is new and often busy and daunting which is where staff will support both the child and parent/carer in the transition from home to Nursery life.   

Never sneak off – always say goodbye clearly or your child will never know who is going to disappear.

Ensure staff are aware of your child’s interests so they are able to distract them with a favourite game or toy if they become upset.

Almost all children, at some point, will be upset when you leave them. At Scallywags we expect this and encourage you to stay for settling in visits when your child first starts.

Parents are encouraged to telephone the nursery to check on their child’s progress. We will also contact you if we feel your child is unsettled.

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