Planning and development

Your Child’s Progress

All children will be given a base assessment when they first enter the nursery to establish their present knowledge. The key person will then devise a plan to increase your child’s knowledge in a way that they will find fun. You will receive regular progress reports and can speak to your child’s key person at any time.

The assigned key person will monitor your child’s progress. Observations of spontaneous child activities and experiences are carried out daily. We have a ‘Parent’s Evening’ to discuss and share your child’s progress with you. As a small personal setting we are always on hand to liase with you regarding your children and their day with us. Information is shared via the parent board, allowing you to read weekly plans, daily group sheets and any other information you may find usefull..

Children’s Choice and Interests

The staffs at Scallywags Nursery monitor and record information on children, on a daily basis using Tapestry, the online personal Leaning Journal. Our aim is to understand and develop upon a child’s individual choices. By incorporating these personal interests we can engage children more easily and devise ways to extend upon their knowledge and understanding and bring along advancement.

We factor into our weekly plan time for children to make their own choices, activities that are planned in response to a child’s interest and progressions, we constantly evaluate our own approach to make sure that we are delivering what is intended and include activities to provide balance across the curriculum.

OFSTED inspection Jan 2009 –
Children are listened to and given choices to help them feel a sense of trust and belonging so their confidence grows enabling them to become competent learners.

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