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Recent studies show that obesity in children is on the increase. As well as offering our children a healthy diet we aim to incorporate fun physical activity programmes. The children are able to participate in daily exercise sessions. This may include Jellytatstic, Jabadoa, ring games, yoga or dance sessions.

PE lessons are offered weekly within our pre-school room. Children change into their PE kit encouraging independence before partaking in the fun and games

OFSTED inspection Jan 2009 –
There is frequent opportunities for physical development both inside and out with daily aerobics for all children to encourage their understanding of health and fitness.



Yoga combines traditional yoga postures which are woven together into exciting adventures in the safety and familiarity of the nursery and amongst their friends, the children have wild adventures and go on heroic journeys. Classes include helpful breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques which improve children's concentration, capture their imagination and help them to feel more confident.



Dance classes are offered alternative weeks, these classes are run by a qualified dance teacher who provides a varied dance routine incorporating stretching and movement, enabling children to explore their physical capabilities and the different ranges of movement their bodies are capable of exploring.


British Sign Language/Makaton

Sign language is a visual way of communicating using gestures, facial expressions and body language. We begin to introduce sign language with our babies using simple nursery rhymes and key words and gradually develop this further with our older children.

OFSTED inspection Jan 2009 –
The setting currently supports children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and supports children who have English as an additional language

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